About Us...
Grandview Stables is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis and is the largest privately owned property in Washington township.  
Art & Sally Renihan purchased the 33 1/3 acre farm in September of 1952 and began building what was to become an icon in the
Indiana horse industry, teaching several generations of Hoosier families the joy of riding.  Their daughters, Diane & Val both became
professional horsewomen as well.  Art & Sally continued to operate the farm until 2005 when Art passed away.  Sally passed away in
2009.  Diane is now running Grandview.  Val trains in Wellington, FL. and North Salem, NY. under the stable name "Findlay's Ridge".  
Both Diane and Val train hunter, jumper, and equitation riders on the "A" circuit.

All of our horses are privately owned, and although we do not have a "public" lesson program, we would be happy to assist you in
leasing or purchasing a horse.  We also have proven show horses for sale at our facility and a great network among other professional
trainers to find the appropriate horse for your particular goals.   

We have both "local" and "A" circuit show clients.  Our "A" circuit riders show throughout the Midwest as well as West Palm Beach,
Ocala, Harrisburg, Washington, & New York.  We have also had several of our students go on to become professional horsemen and
horsewomen and they are training successfully throughout the country both as show horse trainers and race horse trainers.

Our focus is not only to teach our clients how to ride to the best of their ability, but also to educate them on the proper care and
maintenance of their horses.  We teach respect for and responsibility toward the animal as well as developing a sense of empathy and
understanding.  Clients are exposed to every possible learning experience including the veterinary work, blacksmith, chiropractor, and

Riding is not only an Olympic sport, but also an NCAA sport and students who achieve recognition in showing are getting scholarships
to colleges throughout the country.  We have had several of our students ride on equestrian teams in college with great success
becoming valuable assets to the schools they attend.  Many return during the summer to work as assistants, helping to give back their
knowledge to the next "generation".

Whatever your goal is in the equestrian field, we hope to be able to serve you and guide you down the proper path for a safe,
successful, and enjoyable experience!